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Lola isn't able to recover from a great loss. Marta seems to have family problems. Kassem has moved to a new city seeking a new life. All of them share a journey, a journey that could end their lives.


Direction and screenplay: Cristian Beteta
Cast: Tamia Déniz, Meri Anglès, Marwan Sabri, Xesco Vives, Mehdi Nifaoui Hadraoui, Omar Puga, Toni Regueiro
Genre: Fiction
Cathegory: Drama, Thriller
Country: Spain

Technical Data

Original title: THEMESIS
Year of production: 2022
Length: 85'
Screen Ratio: 1:85:1
Color: Color
Original language: Spanish, Arabic
Subtitle: English, Spanish

Selections and awards

  • Gbeck Future Film Festival
    Charlottetown, Canada
  • Festival MIC HUEYO
    Hueyotlipan, Mexico
  • Calella Film Festival
    Barcelona, Spain


13 June 2022


Fiction, Drama, Thriller